So Many Ideas!!!

Oh boy, I have been pondering ideas since we left Tuesday night’s class and even sharing with my hubby, who is actually no help at all! So please please lend me your ear and help me choose! OR use my ideas for direction.

Option 1- Curriculum supported digital citizenship/literacy resource

My school and division lack curricular resources about digital citizenship/media literacy and I’m sure most teachers are doing their best with the knowledge they have. We have a K-12 continuum available to us for outcomes that must be met but it lacks resources and specific ideas or sample lessons by curriculum. By creating a document that fulfills those outcomes specific to Health and PE I can provide direction for application to my colleagues.

Option 2- Personal Journey into Social Media

I am a Facebooker and Instagrammer. That’s it! The snap chat on my phone was downloaded by my friend 4 years ago and my daughter uses it to take weird pictures of herself. It would be a good idea to get into Flipgrid and TikTok, one for school, the other so I can stay hip with the students and my own kids. I can breakdown their tools and connect kids to learning in fun and interactive ways while teaching about literacy and citizenship through experiencing the online world the way they do. Since joining Twitter for this class, I have actually been up to date on current events and can see how this platform will benefit my professional growth.

Option 3- Social Activism

Can I set something up with my students next semester to create awareness for something related to one or more of the health and wellness outcomes? We could learn how to safely, respectfully, responsibly amplify voices on our platform(s) to raise awareness.

Option 4- Research Project

I love the idea of collecting surveys or conducting interviews from and with colleagues, students, kids, and other professionals to gather data on demographics, usage time, usage platforms, concerns, benefits etc.


ECI832 Week #1 cont’d

My own sense of digital citizenship is at least backboned by life experience before devices and common sense plus the fact that I am willing to learn, motivated of course by concern for my own children and those I teach, about new trends and tricks of social media use. Sharenting, #roastme, Calculator%, Finsta are all new to me and I don’t consider myself old! The extremes that are sought to hide online behavior is a tell for the dangers that lie within.

I my opinion, the big issue in terms of digital footprints are that kids think and feel they can trust people with content they share or roast someone online without consequence. As Simon Sinek attests, because kids are addicted to social media and a new norm of communication, they lack the capacity to build meaningful relationships and, as per Dube (2017), develop appropriate social cues. The new norms for socializing and building relationships for youth are beyond our comprehension so we MUST learn, we MUST supervise, we MUST educate, and we MUST forgive to help set them up for success. Success in mental health, relationships, work, and life.

Welcome to Bernie’s Blog! EC&I 832

About me

Hi!! My name is Cymone Bernauer and before I became a mom and wife, I was a hip and cool athlete at the University of Regina that was afforded many opportunities to travel, build relationships, and learn valuable life skills. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, as well as a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and a student. My kids are my world, my passion is health and wellness, and my roots continue to grow in Regina , SK. I enjoy lake life, being active, reading fiction, watching my shows, and enjoying a beer or glass of wine (depending on the season and reason)! In true extrovert fashion, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, engaging in banter, and making people laugh. Cheers!

Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy

EC&I 832


The start of the COVID online learning rollercoaster…

Should I post a picture of my kids online? Typically I don’t, but selfishly I do so I can relish in the ‘last year today’ and ‘5 years ago’ facebook pop ups that make me smile. Until reading the BBC news article on parents sharing photos of their children online, linked here , I never truly considered the consequences of my ‘sharenting’ in starting my kids digital footprint. I pride myself in ‘friending’ only actual people I know and would say hello to on the street or at Walmart so I never felt the danger in exposing my children online, I clearly have a lot to learn…