Digital citizenship and media literacy infusion in Wellness10…an update (March 14th!)

Sorry, this post was left in my drafts and was too good not to add!

Oh boy…this blog prompt has forced me to align all the things I’ve been working on this semester. I’ve been taking photos of key slides from class presentations, classroom/gym/weight room sessions working with digital media, videos of myself teaching about digital citizenship, and documenting ideas and reflections for medias we, my students and I, are learning to use in my project folder. Some examples are below…

I have created a list of the Wellness outcomes and allocated Ribble’s 9 elements to each subject area and linked key resources (mine and others) to them. I have a few more big ideas to work through with my class, some of which I hope to document in my project- dealing with digital stress from MediaSmarts and creating a social media campaign for mental health, while others will be completed in these last 3 months of the semester and you will have to guess that they went well! My students will complete a Microsoft Form for feedback of major digital tools we have used this term which I will include in a review section of my project. I also plan on sharing my Wellness digital citizenship and media literacy guide with my colleagues in both the public and catholic school divisions and seek feedback that I will include as well.

The process is the key, I am fully invested in what I am doing with/for my students. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? I am 95% confident that it will all come together in a few weeks time folks. I am also 95% confident that I will be spending plenty of time sorting through all of my data! Better too much than not enough though right?


Wellness 10 Digital Citizenship and Media Infusion…Final Project Update

Well well well….

It really is game time folks…this is my FINAL final project for graduate studies. I feel quite proud yet the product is unpolished, heck, it’s straight up not done. Don’t get me wrong, I have been collecting data and evidence since the 2nd week February with uncertainty for how I would put it all together. Here are my thoughts: I will use either google slides or PowerPoint to create an interactive vlog of my curriculum resource package. Is that what I am calling it? I don’t know yet. I do know that I will have a PDF version available for download with links to all the goods. I have had the great opportunity to actually do lessons with my class and collect artifacts, evaluations, and student feedback along the way. I have recorded myself in 3 lessons but will not be including these as evidence because there are students in most frames and after last weeks ethics and morals conversation it’s better I keep it out. I will however share a lot of their work (with permission of course). So, I will provide an intro to my topic then I will got through the curriculum outcomes and link to lessons in google docs and slides, assignments, Mentimeter segments, Kahoots and of course sample work from FlipGrid, JEFIT, Padlet and all the assignments. I will speak to the elements of DC within the S framework that applies and I will identify the media used. I will add reflections for most pieces, specifically how the lesson was received, how I learned some of the apps and their functionality, and feedback from students and colleagues who will have taken a peak through the document (hopefully).

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

Thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Week #6 Project Process

This week I focused on getting students familiar with the Microsoft Teams platform, specifically, attaching and submitting assignments, navigating the folders under files, working with the class notebook section, and ensuring their notifications were set to ON. We also played around with the JEFIT app we will be using to support our fitness training throughout the semester. Students were annoyed at first and concerned that they wouldn’t have enough storage space but once they began to put together their first task the negative vibes chilled out! It was pretty neat to see the ways they were interacting with and supporting each other throughout the lesson.

Next week is a digital citizenship focus for wellness outcomes W5 self-management and W8 relationships. Stay tuned for process, pics, and possibilities!

Week #4 Major Project Direction/Connections

If you read my blog two weeks ago you would have seen the possibility, also the complete and utter chaos of my mind! Thanks to the meaningful and engaging presentation by Mike Ribble I know now what I need to do to create change and opportunity in my classroom.

Just as Kara plans to create a curriculum resource for her littles, I too plan on building an effective resource package that infuses digital citizenship and media literacy for the Wellness10 curriculum. It is my intention to not only build for my own classroom but to share with colleagues in divisions throughout the city. I have already polled a number of my teacher pals to find out what, if anything, they are doing to achieve outcomes using digital media. Collaboration is key to success!

I love the framework presented by Ribble, which as it turns out also resonates with Jill, known as the S3, and will be using the safe, savvy, and social process as my project outline. In semester 2, which began last week, I have two fresh crews, some background knowledge, and new ideas…LET’S GO!

Photo from Ribble and Park (2019)

It is my intention to teach my students how to be good citizens as well as how to use different medias responsibly and safely. As a jumping off point, for the SAFE section of the S3, I will build a lesson around digital communication, literacy, and etiquette (really good lesson plans and resources on MediaSmart) which fulfil the respect, educate and protect categories Ribble speaks to for building digital citizenship to prepare them for, and guide them through, the infusion of digital media that is coming their way this semester. For example, we will use menti-meter to facilitate class discussion around netiquette and adobe posters with perhaps Padlet to create and display students digital footprints. For the SAVVY section I have begun to research and select appropriate media that students might enjoy learning to use (and seem user friendly for me) and we can decide if they are effective or not for achieving outcomes like Microsoft Teams notebook, FlipGrid, JEFIT, Edpuzzle, and QR codes.

Photos: Mixtmode- Padlet-logo; Apple app store-Microsoft One Note; Apple app store- Microsoft Teams; Apple app store-JEFIT workout planner; Twitter- Flipgrid (@Flipgrid);

I should mention that I do recognize the challenge of, as Christine points out, inequity of digital access and digital fluency and will have to be creative in ways I can support and engage all students in learning. The most fun part of the journey will be the application of learning, the SOCIAL section. For this I plan on engaging with my students in health awareness campaigns that they will collaborate, build, monitor, and evaluate with the goal of affecting positive change in our school and communities (both near and far).

The key for me, I think, is to remember that less is more, whoever said that! If I can stick with a few media apps that myself and my students can really get to know I think we can really make the ‘medium the message’!!

Questions for thought (reply if any of these trigger you):

Do any of you try to do too much and come up short in the actual purpose/objective/message of using digital media? How do you decide what to try, what to trash, what to treasure? Finally, do you collaborate with colleagues to benefit more students or keep your work under lock and key?

So Many Ideas!!!

Oh boy, I have been pondering ideas since we left Tuesday night’s class and even sharing with my hubby, who is actually no help at all! So please please lend me your ear and help me choose! OR use my ideas for direction.

Option 1- Curriculum supported digital citizenship/literacy resource

My school and division lack curricular resources about digital citizenship/media literacy and I’m sure most teachers are doing their best with the knowledge they have. We have a K-12 continuum available to us for outcomes that must be met but it lacks resources and specific ideas or sample lessons by curriculum. By creating a document that fulfills those outcomes specific to Health and PE I can provide direction for application to my colleagues.

Option 2- Personal Journey into Social Media

I am a Facebooker and Instagrammer. That’s it! The snap chat on my phone was downloaded by my friend 4 years ago and my daughter uses it to take weird pictures of herself. It would be a good idea to get into Flipgrid and TikTok, one for school, the other so I can stay hip with the students and my own kids. I can breakdown their tools and connect kids to learning in fun and interactive ways while teaching about literacy and citizenship through experiencing the online world the way they do. Since joining Twitter for this class, I have actually been up to date on current events and can see how this platform will benefit my professional growth.

Option 3- Social Activism

Can I set something up with my students next semester to create awareness for something related to one or more of the health and wellness outcomes? We could learn how to safely, respectfully, responsibly amplify voices on our platform(s) to raise awareness.

Option 4- Research Project

I love the idea of collecting surveys or conducting interviews from and with colleagues, students, kids, and other professionals to gather data on demographics, usage time, usage platforms, concerns, benefits etc.