Digital citizenship and media literacy infusion in Wellness10…an update (March 14th!)

Sorry, this post was left in my drafts and was too good not to add!

Oh boy…this blog prompt has forced me to align all the things I’ve been working on this semester. I’ve been taking photos of key slides from class presentations, classroom/gym/weight room sessions working with digital media, videos of myself teaching about digital citizenship, and documenting ideas and reflections for medias we, my students and I, are learning to use in my project folder. Some examples are below…

I have created a list of the Wellness outcomes and allocated Ribble’s 9 elements to each subject area and linked key resources (mine and others) to them. I have a few more big ideas to work through with my class, some of which I hope to document in my project- dealing with digital stress from MediaSmarts and creating a social media campaign for mental health, while others will be completed in these last 3 months of the semester and you will have to guess that they went well! My students will complete a Microsoft Form for feedback of major digital tools we have used this term which I will include in a review section of my project. I also plan on sharing my Wellness digital citizenship and media literacy guide with my colleagues in both the public and catholic school divisions and seek feedback that I will include as well.

The process is the key, I am fully invested in what I am doing with/for my students. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? I am 95% confident that it will all come together in a few weeks time folks. I am also 95% confident that I will be spending plenty of time sorting through all of my data! Better too much than not enough though right?


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