Week #4 Major Project Direction/Connections

If you read my blog two weeks ago you would have seen the possibility, also the complete and utter chaos of my mind! Thanks to the meaningful and engaging presentation by Mike Ribble I know now what I need to do to create change and opportunity in my classroom.

Just as Kara plans to create a curriculum resource for her littles, I too plan on building an effective resource package that infuses digital citizenship and media literacy for the Wellness10 curriculum. It is my intention to not only build for my own classroom but to share with colleagues in divisions throughout the city. I have already polled a number of my teacher pals to find out what, if anything, they are doing to achieve outcomes using digital media. Collaboration is key to success!

I love the framework presented by Ribble, which as it turns out also resonates with Jill, known as the S3, and will be using the safe, savvy, and social process as my project outline. In semester 2, which began last week, I have two fresh crews, some background knowledge, and new ideas…LET’S GO!

Photo from Ribble and Park (2019)

It is my intention to teach my students how to be good citizens as well as how to use different medias responsibly and safely. As a jumping off point, for the SAFE section of the S3, I will build a lesson around digital communication, literacy, and etiquette (really good lesson plans and resources on MediaSmart) which fulfil the respect, educate and protect categories Ribble speaks to for building digital citizenship to prepare them for, and guide them through, the infusion of digital media that is coming their way this semester. For example, we will use menti-meter to facilitate class discussion around netiquette and adobe posters with perhaps Padlet to create and display students digital footprints. For the SAVVY section I have begun to research and select appropriate media that students might enjoy learning to use (and seem user friendly for me) and we can decide if they are effective or not for achieving outcomes like Microsoft Teams notebook, FlipGrid, JEFIT, Edpuzzle, and QR codes.

Photos: Mixtmode- Padlet-logo; Apple app store-Microsoft One Note; Apple app store- Microsoft Teams; Apple app store-JEFIT workout planner; Twitter- Flipgrid (@Flipgrid); QR-code-generator.com

I should mention that I do recognize the challenge of, as Christine points out, inequity of digital access and digital fluency and will have to be creative in ways I can support and engage all students in learning. The most fun part of the journey will be the application of learning, the SOCIAL section. For this I plan on engaging with my students in health awareness campaigns that they will collaborate, build, monitor, and evaluate with the goal of affecting positive change in our school and communities (both near and far).

The key for me, I think, is to remember that less is more, whoever said that! If I can stick with a few media apps that myself and my students can really get to know I think we can really make the ‘medium the message’!!

Questions for thought (reply if any of these trigger you):

Do any of you try to do too much and come up short in the actual purpose/objective/message of using digital media? How do you decide what to try, what to trash, what to treasure? Finally, do you collaborate with colleagues to benefit more students or keep your work under lock and key?


5 thoughts on “Week #4 Major Project Direction/Connections

  1. I am really excited to follow along with your major project process, Cymone! I appreciated the photo you shared because I forgot about padlet as an educational tool. I agree that less is more and I do not want to overload myself with apps and programs to try out. Over the years, I have found that it is more important to focus on a few things (apps to try) and do a good job of using them/teaching about them, than go over the top and try everything but not do a great job of any!


  2. Hi, Excited to see your major project as you are covering an important aspect which is digital communication, literacy, and etiquette. These are important to maintain the professionalism in the classroom.

    Also the use of different tools such as: menti-meter, Teams, padlet will definitely make it more interesting. One question that came into my mind while reading your blog is that What can be done to decrease the screen time as we more focus on digital media these days?


  3. This is just it Amanpreet, the balance is key. I think I want to have my class use digital media 2-3 times per week, keeping in mind I have them one hour each day, brief sessions could be 5-10 minutes, really just to get them doing something different and engaging. Bigger assignments could take the entire hour and would be more like 1-2 times per month. I will also be doing a survey with my students that will touch on the health and wellness element of dig cit to track their screen time usage- where they spend the most time, what else they could be doing, and set goals going forward. There’s a cool activity on MediaSmarts.com that I will use as a resource for this.


  4. Seems like you have a good plan and vision, Cymone. I gave Flipgrid a test run last semester and found it useful. It was amazing how it gave my quieter kids a chance to shine. Students that I had not heard speak much in class came alive when they were able to share their voice in an environment they were more comfortable with. I also like the idea of health awareness campaigns. I look forward to seeing what the kids come up with!


  5. Because there is a digital divide and we don’t have enough technology for all of our students to use at one time, I find that I create two blocks in a day. Half of the class works on the technology piece of their projects, while the other half work on something else. And then at a different time in the day, the groups switch. I find that this also helps me work with the technology kiddos in a more balanced way because I can show smaller groups something at a time and then troubleshoot with them. I know this may not be the fix that most people are looking for, but I find that it has been working with the resources that we have. If anyone else has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!


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